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Our Little Foxes was founded by two entrepreneurial Sydney mums, Phoebe Adams and Donna Armstrong, who are passionate about helping parents create unbreakable bonds with their kids.

We launched Our Little Foxes as an art and craft box subscription business for children. We delivered more than 8,000 across 5 countries and have met some amazing families along the way!

What we realised though is that we were providing a tool for families that wasn't living up to our mission and purpose.

Do you ever find that you feel so busy and distracted with life, that you forget to slow down and enjoy the simple things with your kids? We do!

So we're changing!

Our Little Foxes is now 100% about empowering parents and giving them tools to enable those magical moments with their family. The family programs are fun, interactive and easy to incorporate into your life. We hope you love them!

If you have any feedback you can contact us directly.

Phoebe & Beatrix Adams

Phoebe Adams - CEO & Founder


Donna & Harley

Donna Armstrong - Communications Director & Co-Founder


Love Phoebe & Donna xx