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Sydney treasure hunt!

Sydney treasure hunt!

Take the kids into the City and get ready to explore one of the most beautiful areas in Sydney.

Your starting point

Plant yourself at a restaurant in the Domain, on the edge of the Botanical Gardens. If you're in the right place you'll find yourself opposite the building where art lives. 

Step 1: You are heading towards the most famous chair in Sydney, named in honour of the wife of one of the late Governors of NSW. Legend has it that she used to love to sit in her chair and watch the passing ships. Set off on foot and watch the City go by on your left.

Step 2: Walk along until you see the statue that looks like a giant's legs in the middle of a grassy island! Look through his legs, can you see the ships?

Giant's legs

The Navy ships!

Step 3: Walk sideways along the grass like a crab, until you get to the bushy shrubs and leaves. If you've hit the 4-way fork in the road, you've gone too far! Turn around and try again. 

Step 4: Part the leaves on the ground and look for the silver treasure chest. Can you see it? Here's a picture clue to help you find it!

Hidden treasure

How did you go?

Share your pics with us on Facebook or Instagram (#foxfamilytreasurehunt), take a treasure and pop the chest back for the next family to find!

Are you ready to visit:

Bondi Beach



Bondi treasure hunt!

Bondi treasure hunt!

We're going to beautiful Bondi Beach! Are you ready?

Your starting point! 

We're going to start in a place that is frozen all year round.

This place is famous for it’s Winter Swimming Club and home to the only licensed Winter Swimming Club in the world. Are you game for a dip?

Step 1: Admire the view, watch the surfers and see if you can spot any whales. Then descend onto one of the greatest coastal walks in Australia.

Bondi Beach

Step 2: As you wind around the path, keep an eye out on your right. Look for the arch below the stairs. Will you go there? If you bump into Michael Tegerdine, take a seat - you’ve gone too far. Have a rest, then retrace your steps.

Bondi Coastal Walk

Step 3: Find the stairs above the arch and start your climb towards the sky. Don't be shy. 1, 2, 3, 4… But if you hit the 35th step you've gone one too far.

Arch under the stairs

Step 3: At step 34, turn around. Look out to sea - can you see me? Look right, look left - yes it's here! Look below the fence. Can you spot a bushy fern? You're oh so close… Start your search. Dig around. What have you found? I’m silver and shiny and hard to touch, but open me up. Your treasure is hiding here. 


When you find the treasure chest take a photo and share it with us on Facebook and Instagram (#foxfamilytreasurehunt). Take one treasure for yourself and leave the rest for more Foxy families to find.

                       Fox treasure hunt  Fox treasure hunt Bondi

Keep on exploring!

Grab your camera and keep on walking, up the stairs. Check out the beautiful sandstone lookout at Hunter Sculpture Park for spectacular art and awesome views! Thanks for playing Foxes!

Where will you go next?


Sydney CBD