Magical Family Moments, Delivered.

Magical Family Moments, Delivered.

The first Family Club designed to bring families closer together, helping children reach their full potential.


How it works

Our Little Foxes is a unique and market-first product, designed especially for families. We deliver a combination of hands-on and virtual experiences with the sole aim of creating unbreakable parent and child connections. Our three-month programs are fun, practical and designed for every lifestyle!
Big family projects
Fun and collaborative projects that you and your kids can do together, delivered to your door.
Daily 7-minute activities
Simple exercises that help you be present and connected with your kids.
Weekly challenges
Work together as a family team and challenge the Our Little Foxes community!

Why is this important?

We are living at a time when being busy is the norm and our phones are always in our hands. Our Little Foxes believes in removing the guilt that comes from being busy and empowering parents to make the time we have with our children magical. Hear from our Founder and CEO, Phoebe Adams, pitching about why this is so important.
"You guys have had a major impact on my view of parenting"
"This reminded me of just how important it is to be present and eliminate distractions. Loved it."

Take the pledge!

Pledge 7 minutes a day for 7 days to improve your relationship with your child.
Take the pledge!